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A Day With... Series (8 books) يوم بصحبة
Salâh ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Set of 3 Vols.)
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Muslim Leaders Series - Caliph Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz (set of 10 books) سلسلة القادة المسلمين – الخليفة عمر بن عبد العزيز
Palestine and Jerusalem land of the Prophets Series - with CD's (12 Books) سلسلة فلسطين والقدس أرض الأنبياء
Here We Are "Aqsa" Series  (12 Books with two audio CDs ) سلسلة لبّيك يا أقصى
Famous Companions Series - with CD's (12 Books) أعلام الصحابة
Immortal Women Series (12 Books and 2 CDs) سلسلة نساء خالدات
Al-Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness
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Stories of the Caliph Harun al-Rasheed قصص الخليفة هارون الرشيد

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