Kutubee Special Program for Schools

Improve Students’ Arabic Language Mastery! A Special Offer!

If your school didn't participate yet, please inform them about this program.

Dear Valued Educator,

Noorart is offering you Kutubee, the Arabic language reading platform, at a very special price this year. Kutubee has more than 800 Arabic stories handpicked from reputable publishers. Kutubee improves students’ mastery of the Arabic language.

Program Highlights

  • Special price for this year: $10 per student. The cost of every Arabic story is close to 1 cent! (24/7 access active from 12/1/21–8/31/22. Price is net after the special discount.) This price is valid for schools who sign up a minimum of 50 students.
  • Schools are not responsible for paying for the program. (Fees will be covered by parents or sponsors from your community.)

Check out this page for more details and a short video about Kutubee: https://noorart.com/kutubee-schools

We are also providing you with all the materials you’ll need to share this amazing program with parents and sponsors. Please click on the following links to preview and download the files.

  • Letter from the school to parents for payment (to print, email, or post on the web) MS Word | PDF
  • Letter from the school to sponsors for payment (to print, email, or post on the web) MS Word | PDF
  • Text and design for social media posts (for your social media channels) MS Word | PDF

Need more details about this program or Kutubee? Please contact us for live zoom training and free trial access.

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Thanks for choosing Noorart, your partner in education!

Kutubee Features مميزات كتبي

Improve language skills
تحسين المهارات اللغويَّة

Listening to the audio recording helps readers pronounce words correctly.
تمكين المستخدم من اللفظ الصحيح للكلمة في أثناء استماعه للتّسجيل الصّوتيّ

Stimulate creative thinking
تحفيز التفكير الإبداعي​

Students can analyze the content of the story and change some of the events in it through certain characteristics such as the ability to highlight and others.
من خلال تحليل محتوى القصّة وتغيير بعض الأحداث فيها بواسطة خصائص مثل القدرة على التّظليل وغيرها

Increase Knowledge
زيادة المعرفة​

A variety of stories at different levels of reading for a variety of interests.
توافر قصص ضمن مستويات قرائية مختلفة، تراعي الميول والاهتمامات

Get detailed reports
تقارير مفصلة

Parents get detailed reports about the number of books read and time spent reading.
يمكن أن يتابع الأهل تقارير مفصّلة عن عدد الكتب وزمن القراءة لكل كتاب

Listen to stories
قصص مسجلة صوتيًا

Listen to stories recorded in Modern Standard Arabic and follow along with the highlighted word.
قصص مسجلة صوتيًّا بلغة عربية فصحى، مع تظليل الكلمة في أثناء القراءة لسهولة التتبع

Record audio
إمكانية تسجيل الصوت

Students can record themselves reading the story and share it with their teacher.
إمكانية تسجيل صوت الطالب على القصة، ومشاركة التسجيل مع المعلم

Customize avatars
تخصيص الصورة الرمزية

Students can customize their avatar to suit their personality using numerous options.
يمكن للطالب تخصيص الصورة الرمزية بما يناسب شخصيته من ضمن خيارات واسعة

Measure comprehension
قياس الفهم والاستيعاب​

Comprehension questions take into account various cognitive skills and help improve comprehension.
مجموعة من الأسئلة المراعية لمهارات التفكير المختلفة والمعززة للمستخدم


Kutubee by Numbers كتبي بالأرقام

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كتب عربية

English Books
كتب إنجليزية

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