Reading Arabic Made Easy

Welcome to Noorart’s Reading Arabic Made Easy program.

Learning a language can be boring and difficult if traditional books and methods are used. Reading stories is a fun and important way for students to learn Arabic. Noorart is committed to supporting schools as they help their students read and learn more! As a part of this mission, we are offering free accounts on our interactive Arabic reading platform Kutubee.

Program Details

  • Schools receive 5 free accounts for every $1,000 of curriculum purchases from Noorart (accounts will be active until 8/31/2022, list price $19.99 per user)
  • School account setup fee ($200) for the platform is waived
  • Online self-training and live support at no extra charge
  • One admin account for the school
  • One teacher account for every 10 students
  • If your curriculum purchases total more than $1,000, you will get a prorated number of accounts (e.g., for curriculum purchases of $2,800, you will get 14 student accounts)
  • If you have more than 50 student accounts (i.e., curriculum purchases more than $10,000), you will also receive live training, full access to the school account, and more teacher and admin accounts
  • You can buy additional student accounts easily at any time
  • Each student account should be used by one student
  • Program valid for the 2021-2022 school year

How Does It Work?

After your school places its curriculum order, we will finalize it and send you account information for the platform as well as student accounts that can be used at the beginning of the school year, when we will email more instructions.

For more information about the Noorart Arabic Interactive Reading platform Kutubee, please visit the following link: Schools may contact us for a live demo by calling us at (888) 442-5687 (choose school department) or emailing us at