Good news!

The Sanabel curriculum is now online. The structure of the platform is now ready, as well as some demo lessons. The publisher is working very hard to make the whole series (or most of it) ready soon. Please give us a call to give you a live demo session and a walk through the platform.

The Sanabel curriculum is the latest release from Dar Al Zeenat’s publications for non-native speakers. It is for pre-K to sixth grade and includes Sanabel handwriting books for levels one to six in addition to activities and stories.

The online platform is based on the Sanabel series. The program helps teachers deliver online Arabic classes and maintain communication with students and parents outside of school in a manner that guarantees follow-up and remote performance of activities.

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Note: The online platform available only to school orders (not for retail orders)

Quick video demo (around 2 minutes) about Sanabel online platform:

For your free access

Contact us at "" for your demo account then visit Sanabel E-Learning Platform .
Also the following YouTube complete demo lesson (default lesson plan) from level 4 is an example that will be applied to all lessons and be part of the platform soon.

Customized Learning Management System (LMS)

Students receive a user name that connects them to their instructor. They have full access to browse high-quality lessons, and they can move through lessons smoothly and sequentially.

Teachers can supervise their students’ learning process throughout the lesson. They can set lesson objectives before the lesson (for example, responding to questions in the activity book, listening to or viewing supporting material, or completing worksheets). They can upload lesson descriptions.

When students upload their responses, teachers can grade them and take notes to keep families informed and involved through their computers, laptops and tablets.

Teachers can also monitor students’ attendance and the number of units completed by students. They can view students’ lessons and provide integrated feedback on their work and activities, and follow up on all student activities (during and after the lessons).

Teachers can issue notifications, send emails, send group messages, issue certificates, and create tasks, homework, and interactive quizzes.


Additional Features of the Program

  • Ability to link the platform to your visual communication tools accounts (Zoom).
  • Sufficient training for schools and direct support for an extra fee.
  • Ability to prerecord classes for students.
  • Annual subscriptions at special rates for schools using Sanabel curricula.
  • Assistance in teaching without eliminating the interactive role of the teacher or the physical books.
  • Customized Learning Management System (LMS) assists in reviewing students’ progress and evaluating students’ performance of tasks and homework.
  • Digital stories in both video and audio.
  • Free access to Unit 1 in Level 4 (students/teachers can log in as guests and browse).
  • Customization for an extra fee (a dedicated URL, school profile with name and logo, access for students only, and more options). Contact us for more details.
List price for each level of Sanabel series is $34.99, it includes the textbook, handwriting book and online platform access for one year. Click on image below to view Arabic Sanabel Curriculum on Noorart:
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