Qur'anic Word: Roots and Meanings

Increase your knowledge with FREE mp3’s for the Qur'anic Word: Root and Meaning to facilitate learning in coordination with our Juz’a Amma’s book. Noorart makes it easier than ever to acquire the tools you need to succeed! Each mp3 can easily be downloaded to your mp3 player, cell phone or tablet device. It makes a wonderful resource for students and adults who want to learn the Holy Quran. It will help with understanding the Arabic language and comprehension of the Holy Quran. If you need assistance, the Noorart Team is always available to help!


Noorart makes it easier than ever to learn to recite Surahs from the Holy Quran in Arabic. To accentuate your learning, in coordination with the Juz' Amma book, we have made available this FREE download of a phonics-based transliteration of each Surah

Qur’anic Stories

We have included 18 stories, along with the Farewell Sermon of Prophet Muhammad, all from the Noorart’s Qur’an for Little Muslims Album Series. These short stories are excellent for helping young students understand the practical application of the meanings of these suwar in their daily lives. The text of each story is provided under its title and can be read by the teacher, the students, or their parents.

  1. Quranic Story - Al Mu-awwadhatain Suras
  2. Quranic Story - Surat Al Ikhlas
  3. Quranic Story - Surat Al Masad
  4. Quranic Story - Surat An-Nasr
  5. Farewell Sermon of Prophet Muhammad
  6. Quranic Story - Surat Al Kafirun
  7. Quranic Story - Surat Al Kawthar
  8. Quranic Story - Surat Al Ma’un
  9. Quranic Story - Surat Quraysh
  10. Quranic Story - Surat Al Fil
  11. Quranic Story - Surat Al Humazah
  12. Quranic Story - Surat Al ’Asr
  13. Quranic Story - Surat At-Takathur
  14. Quranic Story - Surat Al Qari’ah
  15. Quranic Story - Sura Al ’Aadiyat
  16. Quranic Story - Surat Az-Zalzalah
  17. Quranic Story - Surat Al Qadr
  18. Quranic Story - Surat Al ‘Alaq
  19. Quranic Story - Surat Ash-Sharh

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