Noorart is pleased to announce a new Retail Rewards System

You can now earn points with every Noorart purchase!

If you have a customer account, you can collect points by:

  • Creating an account (5 points)
  • Subscribing to our newsletter (10 points)
  • Reviewing a purchased item (20 points per valuable review)
  • Following us on Instagram (10 points)
  • Sharing on social media (5 points)
  • Liking our Facebook page (5 points)
  • Placing an order (1 point for every $1 spent)
  • Referral Program: where you can get 100 points (100 point = $10) for every referral that results in a sale.

Points expire in 365 days in the absence of any of the above activities.

You can redeem your points for a gift card: you can get a minimum of $10 gift card for 100 points, and up to $150 for 1500 points.

What is the Retail Rewards Program?
You can now earn points with every Noorart purchase! Collect points and use them on future purchases. With each purchase made from Noorart, your points are automatically awarded (excluding shipping and taxes.) You can enjoy even more of our quality products without breaking the bank. Earn while you learn! You can also earn 20 points for every review you submit. Your opinion is important! Reviews help other customers make the best decisions about the products they buy. You can submit one review for each of the products you have ordered. (Only one review per product, please.)

Program Description:
You earn ONE (1) point for each dollar you spend, excluding shipping and taxes. For every TEN (10) points you earn, your account will be credited with ONE (1) dollar, which can be spent on a future purchase. A minimum of 100 points is necessary for redemption. This program is for retail customers only. Wholesalers and schools are not eligible for this program. Points earned will be stored in your account. If you forget your password, please use the "forgot my password" link instead of opening a new account. Points earned in one account cannot be applied to any other account. Points are deducted for any returns. Discounted items may not be eligible for the reward program. Please check the item page for eligibility.

How to Redeem your Points?
First Log into your Noorart account and you will be redirected to the "My Account" page then click on the "Rewards" link. After that On the rewards tab, you can choose the Gift Card amount then click redeem. You will receive a confirmation email containing a coupon code, which can be applied to your next purchase if you enter the code in the "Gift Card" field on the checkout page. Your reward amount will automatically be deducted from the purchase amount.

General rules:
  • You will be notified within 3 days if you earned points.
  • Leave item review rules: (Item must be purchased by the customer, and the review must be useful)
  • The sharing of the website is limited to 20 shares per lifetime.
  • Place order rules: (You earn ONE (1) point for each dollar you spend, shipping and Taxes excluded, and points will be received 30 days after delivering the order.)

Spending points:
You can redeem your Gift cards from the Rewards section under the My Account tab, every 10 points equal to $1 (Minimum Gift card redeemable equal to $10 (100 points)).