Noorart is an educational company that focuses on providing an array of Arabic and Islamic products to schools and educators. Noorart is currently seeking highly motivated individuals to join its team:

1. Online Marketing Manager

w/ SEO Management Experience Part time or Full time. In this position you will contribute to the growth of our company by generating web traffic and online sales. In order to be successful you need to possess strong e-marketing skills (website design, user experience, SEO/SEM, Pay Per Click, banners, email, social media marketing)- you also need to be driven and highly creative.

  1. 2 years in experience in Online Marketing Manager, Internet Marketing, Interactive Advertising, Web Traffic generation, SEO/SEM, Interactive Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Web development experience and ability to manage website design.
  3. Strong IT knowledge to include hands- on coding using HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  4. Knowledge of Photoshop and/or Illustrator.
  5. Proven ability to manage interactive advertising campaigns.

2. Comprehensive Copyediting Plus Details

A professional editor will review your manuscript and provide suggestions to help improve your book's overall composition, as well as technical and stylistic elements.

  • Sentence structure
  • Possible reorganization of the manuscript
  • Rephrasing text for smoothness and clarity
Stylistic elements
  • Concept
  • Intended word use
  • Tone
Technical elements
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency

3. Operation Manager:

Ideal candidate will manage daily office functions and supervise employees. Candidate will also be responsible for accounts payable and receivables, facilitate the shipping of merchandise to customers and manage inventory. This is a full-time position and some traveling is required. Requirements:

  1. More than three years managerial experience
  2. Excellent communication, organization and customer service skills.
  3. Business Administration, Marketing, Information System or related degree.

4. School Business Director:

Ideal candidate will work to promote and maintain school vision and assist in publishing new books. This is a part or full-time position. Requirements:

  1. More than 10 years experience in education/school setup
  2. Excellent communication skills.
  3. Masters Degree

5. School Sales Manager:

Ideal candidate will be responsible for school sales and follow ups. This is a full-time position. Requirements:

  1. More than three years experience in education/school setup
  2. Sales or marketing experience preferred
  3. Business degree preferred

6. Bilingual Teachers:

Position requires reviewing new and existing Arabic curriculums. This is a part-time position. Requirements:

  1. More than seven years teaching Arabic as a second language
  2. Masters Degree

7. Editors:

Editors are needed to review and edit new and existing Islamic or Arabic curriculums. This is a part or full-time position. Requirements:

  1. More than seven years teaching Islamic Studies or Arabic
  2. Masters degree

8. Publishing Manager:

Responsibilities include supervision of book projects from signing of contracts to delivery of final materials. This is a full-time position. Requirements:

  1. Strong project management, communications and organization skills
  2. iMore than three years of book editing experience or as an in-house editor with a trade or academic publisher

9. Web operations coordinator:

These workers oversee the various Web products of a given company to make sure there are no bugs and everything is properly coordinated. This involves a lot of troubleshooting to keep commerce flowing.

We offer competitive salaries. Please send your resume and cover letter to