For 99% of items published/produced in the US, we never exceed the publisher’s list price. If you notice a difference between our price and the publisher’s list price, please email us at

Also check our price match guarantee policy details at Price-Match
Items imported from outside the US are very competitively priced. Some imported items may be priced higher than in their original markets to cover shipping, customs, and other costs.

Please remember that we offer a special discount for religious schools. (financially supported by their members). And you can always stay up to date with Noorart special offers by joining our mailing list and checking our website regularly.


Schools Discount

Schools that are financially supported by their members and Nonprofit qualify for a special discount on their purchases from

  • Order Total: $1 - $500                   15% discount
  • Order Total: $500 - $1,000            20% discount
  • Order Total: $1,000 and above    25% discount

* Please contact Noorart with your school’s information to receive this discount.
* If you are eligible for a discount, we will apply it after shipping your order and will email you the final invoice.