Noorart Products
Noorart is a company that realizes that there is a need for Islamic and Arabic curricula. So, many years ago, they gathered the best teams to help them develop several product lines that could meet this need of Muslims and Muslim communities.

With so many Muslim children being raised in the West, Muslim parents and educators struggle to find programs that can help them in their endeavors to teach their children/students about Islam and Arabic. This is why we consulted with top notch educators to help us develop our Islamic and Arabic curricula. We know that parents and educators want the best, so programs and series must appeal to today's youth by applying the most modern, effective teaching methodologies. Each textbook, workbook, CD, Interactive CD, activity books, Quran program, and paperback has been compiled to engage young learners of all ages.
A concern of most Muslim parents and educators is teaching their children/students the proper knowledge about Islam that is based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim, and it is of the greatest deeds. He also said, "Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him." As parents and educators, we all want this for our children/students. What better way to achieve this than investing in the best programs for teaching today's youth about this beloved religion, Islam.

Noorart has many programs and series devoted to teaching today's young Muslims about Islam. As for the younger ones (ages PK-grade 5), there are the following Islamic curricula:

  • We Love Muhammad (S) Activity Book (with Music Audio CD)
  • Allah Loves Me (Hardcover)
  • Allah and Our World – Teacher Edition (With Interactive CD)
  • Allah and Our World (With Interactive CD)
  • Allah and Our World (Set of Textbook, Teacher Book & 2 Interactive CDs)
  • My First Book About Islam
  • Learning About Islam (Revised and Expanded Edition)
The same can be said about the Islamic curricula for grades 6-8. As for these grades, there are the following Islamic curricula:
  • It's ALL About Islam: Level 6
  • It's ALL About Islam: Level 7
  • It's ALL About Islam: Level 8
  • It's ALL About Islam: Levels 6, 7, & 8
  • Learning About Islam (Revised and Expanded Edition)
Also, no Islamic program is complete without a Quran learning program, and what better way start than learning Juz 'Amma, the last thirtieth of the Quran). This program is good for students of all ages:
  • A Student's First Guide to Juz 'Amma (With MP3 CD, Part 30)
  • The Holy Qur'an for School Children (Juz 'Amma – Part 30)
All the books we developed are well organized with their appealing illustrations for young ones. Information taught is age-appropriate.
However, every Islamic program needs to be complemented with a program for learning Arabic. Knowing Arabic is a noble deed for any Muslim of any age. It's worth mentioning that a child or young adult knowing Arabic has many financial options for them. The Arab world is in need of good translators and people to work in many given fields. Thus, it pays to learn Arabic, and the earlier one learns it, the better.
Noorart has taken great strides developing the best programs for learning Arabic, especially for the non-native speakers. We have kept in mind that many people from various nationalities world benefit and be thankful for a brilliant Arabic curriculum that would make them fluent in the fifth most popular language on the globe. The following series have been produced to teach Arabic to whoever wishes to learn it. We made sure that the programs specifically target non-native speaker's needs:
  • Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Part 1, Beginner Level (With MP3 CD)
  • Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Part 2, Advanced Beginner Level (With MP3 CD)
  • Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers: Part 3, Intermediate Level (With MP3 CD)
  • Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers (Set)
At Noorart, we provide various Islamic products to encourage and help instill Islamic values for the young Muslim from coloring books to paperbacks:
  • A Day With Razanne Coloring Book
  • Color and Learn Salah
  • We Love Muhammad(S) Activity Book
  • What Islam Is All About
  • What Islam Is All About (Paperback)
  • The Adventures of Ahmad Deen and Layla Deen
For over three decades, we at Noorart have been helping to provide Muslim families with all the educational items and items of entertainment. We invite you to check our user-friendly website for Islamic and Arabic items that would aid you in your endeavors or goals with Islam or Arabic. Everyone who visits and uses our product lines is glad they did, and we will continue to provide for the Islamic and Arabic needs for Muslims all over the globe.