Team Noon Cartoon Series

Team Noon is an exciting and educational cartoon series that explores the scientific miracles mentioned in the Quran. The show follows the adventures of Zahra, Jasser, and Robo as they embark on journeys to discover new knowledge, often finding themselves in challenging situations along the way.

The first season consists of twenty episodes, totaling 4 hours and 40 minutes of animation. Each pair of episodes focuses on a specific verse (ayah) of the Quran, delving into its scientific significance. For example, in one pair of episodes, the team ventures inside the human body to learn about embryonic development, exploring the ayah: "Verily We created man from an extract of clay. Then We placed him as a sperm drop in a firm lodging. We made the sperm drop into a clinging clot, and We made the clot into a lump [of flesh], and We made [from] the lump, bones, and We covered the bones with flesh; then We developed him into another creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of creators."

Throughout the series, Jasser, Robo, and Zahra investigate various scientific phenomena mentioned in the Quran. These include:

  1. The expansion of the universe (Quran 51:47)
  2. The existence of chlorophyll (Quran 6:99)
  3. The role of wind in plant fertilization (Quran 15:22)
  4. The protective properties of the atmosphere (Quran 86:11)
  5. Mountains as stabilizers (Quran 78:6)
  6. The phases of embryonic development (Quran 23:14)
  7. The strength and intricacies of a spider's web (Quran 29:41)
  8. Powerful deep-sea currents (Quran 24:40)
  9. The origin of iron in space (Quran 57:25)
  10. The creation of Earth to support life (Quran 67:15)

The Team Noon Cartoon Series stands out by presenting these scientific miracles in a captivating and enjoyable manner, making learning accessible and fun for children. The language used in the show is clear and easy to understand, ensuring that young viewers comprehend every word.

Join Zahra, Jasser, and Robo as they embark on thrilling adventures, discover the wonders of the world, and unveil the scientific marvels mentioned in the Quran. Team Noon is an animated series that combines education and entertainment, igniting curiosity and promoting a love for learning among children.

The price details for Team Noon Cartoon Series are as follows:

The cost of purchasing all 20 episodes of Team Noon is $39.80, providing you with lifetime access to the content.

Additionally, you have the option to subscribe to the Noorart Media Channel, which offers three different subscription plans:

  1. One-week access: This plan costs $4.99 and grants you unlimited access to all content, including Team Noon, for a duration of one week.

  2. One-month access: For $9.99, you can enjoy unrestricted access to the Noorart Media Channel, including Team Noon, for a period of one month.

  3. One-year access: By opting for the one-year access plan, priced at $39.99, you gain a full year of unlimited access to the Noorart Media Channel and all its content, including the complete Team Noon series.

These subscription plans provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to choose the duration that best suits your needs and preferences. Regardless of the plan you select, subscribing to the Noorart Media Channel ensures that you can enjoy all the content, including the captivating adventures of Team Noon, at any time during your subscription period.


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