Retail Rewards Program is an easy way to earn points with every Noorart purchase. Through an automated system, Noorart will award points, excluding shipping and taxes, for each purchase.

One way under this system to earn 20 points easily is to submit a product review. Many of our customers value prior customers' opinions about any given product. With your review, you make any decision that they have to make about a product that much easier. It must be noted that only one review is allowed per product.
Below are various points concerning our Retail Rewards Program:
  • One point is awarded for each $1 spent on a product (excluding shipping and taxes).
  • We also take that a step further by crediting your account $1 for every 10 points you earn, and this credit can be used for future purchases.
  • Note that 100 points must be earned in order to redeem.
  • All the points you earn are stored in your account and cannot be transferred to another account.
  • Concerning returns, points are deducted for them.
  • The following are excluded from this program: discounted items and wholesalers (this program is applicable for retail customers only).