Noorart Your Partner in Education, Entertainment, and Savings
In 1997, Noorart was founded by Ammar and Noor Saadeh, an accomplished husband-and-wife team, who saw the need for a company that provided Islamic and Arabic educational products that would build Muslim identity along with teaching and entertaining today's Muslim youth. Without a doubt, Muslim parents in the West have little choice when it comes to educational products that teach and encourage proper Muslim values; it is this very need of most Muslim communities that the Saadehs sought to provide for. Ammar is a businessman who lent his business expertise and vision to make Noorart what it is today, while Noor, a former musician before accepting Islam, brought in the insight and teaching experience of a Muslim teacher of Islamic schools to understand what product lines needed to be provided. Together, the married team fulfilled the wants and needs of Muslim communities all over, and they continue to do so today.

The challenge was real, but they were able to personally develop and supply Islamic and Arabic products, books, curricula, and more to a Muslim public that wanted as such. The educational and entertainment products were developed with the Muslim youth in mind. Concerning the educational products, they used the best educators to help them develop the Islamic and Arabic curricula available. Keeping today's Muslim youth in mind along with the challenges they face, products were developed to help them build their Muslim identity, have pride in being Muslim, and extend their knowledge of Islam; many of these goals were met when entertainment products were developed as well.

In 1997, Noorart launched their very first product line to do all of the above for today's young Muslim market, and this series was called We are Muslims, a set of audiocassettes. The response from parents, Muslim youth, and educators proved promising, for an obvious communal need was being addressed.

Soon, Noorart manufactured a Muslim doll called Razanne, which quickly became the doll of choice for young Muslim girls. Along with Razanne, Noorart developed an even larger selection of Islamic media with the English-speaking Muslim in mind.

Islamic and Arabic Books, Curricula, and Educational Products:

The company continues its production and distribution of product lines that reach into the thousands, all aimed to provide Islamic alternatives to educational and entertainment products. What most cannot begin to appreciate is how diverse Noorart's product lines are. Islamic and Arabic educational products only make up a small portion of what we sell, and what most do not fathom is how diverse our Islamic and Arabic educational products are with preschool to university level students. We teach Islamic studies and have hosts of Arabic curricula that fit to any Muslim parent's or educator's needs. Likewise, Arabic grammar and handwriting are taught along with all the supplementary products that go with them. There are many resources that complement our Arabic programs like Arabic dictionaries, Arabic stories, coloring and activity books, educational games, flashcards, posters, stickers, software, and multimedia.

Our Islamic programs provide products that teach Quran, tajweed, hadeeth, 'Aqeedah (Islamic belief), fiqh (Islamic law), and akhlaq (Islamic morals and character). The resources that go with the Islamic programs include coloring and activity books, flashcards, stickers, posters, software, multimedia, along with products that cater to Muslim holidays, and educational games.

The books that Noorart provides are astounding. Our selection of Islamic and Arabic books is impressive. Islamic books include the following subject matter: Islamic belief ('Aqeedah), Afterlife, comparative religions, dawah, Eid, Hajj, Ramadan, hadeeth, health, history, biographies, Quran, general Islamic knowledge, curricula, Islamic law, economics, politics, science, current affairs, manners/character-building, literature, nature, pillars of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (S), prophets, and coloring and activity books.

Arabic books include our impressive Arabic curricula, Arabic stories, Arabic dictionaries, Arabic books catering to children, Arabic books catering to adults, along with bilingual books.

Toys, Gifts, and Media:

What has pleased so many Muslim parents and youth are our toys, gifts, and media products, which arguably run the gamut, all pleasing to today's young Muslim. Not only do we carry all of the following, but all have been developed with the Muslim youth in mind who wants to be entertained (even though they may be learning at the same time): board games, puzzles, audios, electronics, calendars, greeting cards, software, videos, and toys, to name a few.

Bearing all that in mind, we arrange our website to be user-friendly and easy to search and find. We arrange all of our products by sections and have a search engine to assist you. We have received so many compliments from customers on our user-friendly website, but it has also introduced many of them to the vast number of products that they never dreamed possible.

If that were not enough, at Noorart, we have made it a personal endeavor to apply the best business practices ever in running our company. Not only do we provide the best customer service, but we like to pass savings on to you via so many ways:

At Noorart, we aim to provide the best in Islamic and Arabic educational products, and we want to pass savings onto you when you refer others and to offset shipping expenses. Since 1997, we strive to please our customers through our extensive and impressive product lines, and we take it that much further by passing savings onto you. We plan to continue offering the best Islamic and Arabic educational products, providing the most superb customer care always, and striving to provide savings onto you.