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Designio Divino Y Predestinación -Divine Will and Predestination القضاء والقدر
El Dia de la Resurreccion-The Day of Resurrection القيامة الكبرى
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El Paraíso y el Infierno - Paradise and Hell: In the Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah الجنة والنار
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Islamic Creed Series (5 books, Spanish)
Islamic Creed Series (5 books, Spanish)
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Islamic Creed Series - Belief in Allah: Volume 1 الإيمان بالله
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Islamic Creed Series - The Minor Resurrection: Volume 5 القيامة الصغرى
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La Resurrección Menor -The Minor Resurrection القيامة الصغرى
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Los Profetas Y Sus Mensajes-The Messengers and the Messages الرسل والرسالات

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