Arabic Reading Competition 2022

Dear Educators/Schools,

We are proud to announce an Arabic Reading Competition (مسابقة القراءة العربية) for our beloved students.

Program dates: Mar 01, 2023 - Apr 01, 2023

This program will help your students build a habit of reading in Arabic. Reading in Arabic will improve their Arabic language significantly and help fulfill the mission of your Arabic language program. We hope that this experience will encourage parents and students to participate in reading activities.

You can use our letter to parents and the other related files. Also, here are some tips that might be helpful to making the program a success for your school.
  • Use assignments in your classes. This is very simple to do from our platform. Assign 5 stories each week if possible and check your students’ progress from the teacher dashboard.
  • Offer students Certificates of Appreciation if they finish twenty stories during the program dates.


To show our appreciation for everyone’s efforts, Noorart will be offering appreciation certificates in three categories:

  • Students: based on the number of books read and Quizzes solved for the best 3 readers in every school.
  • Teachers: based on the average number of books read per class number of students for the best 3 sections among all schools.
  • Schools: based on average number of books read per students for the best 3 schools.
Click here to download the following files to send to parents:
This competition is for all schools in the US and Canada that are using the Noorart Kutubee Arabic Interactive Reading platform (please check If your school does not have a subscription, don’t worry! We can offer you full access and training free of charge to use the platform from Mar 1st, 2023 until Apr 1st, 2023 (a minimum of 50 students must apply for this special offer. The deadline to apply is Feb 28, 2023).

For schools, please contact us for more information about the program and/or the Noorart interactive reading platform Kutubee (phone: 888-442-5657 choose school department, email:
Please check this excel template to fill out students/teachers/admin names and additional info.

Arabic Reading Competition terms 2023

  1. This is a reading competition for all schools in USA and Canada.
  2. The competition period is 1 month.
  3. Make sure to motivate the students to read or listen to the story and solve the quiz to consider this story as a read story during the competition results.
  4. For the teachers we will consider a percentage between the total books read and the number of students per section and if the sections win related to the same teacher, the teacher will get one prize and other prizes will be given for the next section/teacher.
  5. Schools will be considered as winners based on the percentage of solved quizzes per student.
  6. The competition will start at 03/01/23 to 04/01/23
  7. The least number of students should be 50 students per school.
  8. The schools should provide us with the student's list before 02/28/23
  9. The schools who already subscribed with us can join the competition with the same student’s accounts.

You may watch this Detailed recorded webinar about Kutubee, the demo shows the platform great features in depth. First hour is a presentation for student role vs. teacher role and reporting, second hour open discussion with the teachers