Arabic Reading Competition 2022

Dear Parents,

We are proud to announce an Arabic Reading Competition (مسابقة القراءة العربية) for our beloved students.

Program dates: Mar 01, 2023 - Apr 01, 2023

What is the Arabic Reading Competition?

This competition is all about reading for pleasure and improving students’ Arabic reading skills. This program will help your child read more during this time period than they would at any other time!

Noorart is sponsoring this competition for schools in the US and Canada!


To show our appreciation for everyone’s efforts, Noorart will be offering appreciation certificates in three categories:

  • Students: based on the number of books read and Quizzes solved for the best 3 readers in every school.
  • Teachers: based on the average number of books read per class number of students for the best 3 sections among all schools.
  • Schools: based on average number of books read per students for the best 3 schools.

To learn more about the special prizes for winners, and to see the program overview, check out the following link (to view or download the file):

       ●     Arabic Reading Competition - prizes for winners (PDF format, MS Word format)

Please download and print the following file for your child:

       ●     Arabic Reading Competition - My Daily Reading Log (PDF format, MS Word format)

Please contact your school or Arabic teacher for more information about the program and for your user ID and password for Kutubee. Kutubee can be accessed on the Noorart interactive reading application or on the web at