Kutubee Platform for Families

This subscription allows parents to add three children, so that they can enjoy reading according to their interests from a varied library that is divided by topic and age group, in Arabic, English, and French.


User Interface

The user interface for reading stories has interactive features that allow students to develop reading skills in a fun way.


Kutubee Features

Improve language skills

Listening to the audio recording helps readers pronounce words correctly.

Stimulate creative thinking

Students can analyze the content of the story and change some of the events in it through certain characteristics such as the ability to highlight and others.

Increase Knowledge

A variety of stories at different levels of reading for a variety of interests.

Get detailed reports

Parents get detailed reports about the number of books read and time spent reading.

Listen to stories

Listen to stories recorded in Modern Standard Arabic and follow along with the highlighted word.

Record audio

Students can record themselves reading the story and share it with their teacher.

Customize avatars

Students can customize their avatar to suit their personality using numerous options.

Measure comprehension

Comprehension questions take into account various cognitive skills and help improve comprehension.




Family Package

Kutubee Family subscription: Three kids in the same account!

Unlimited reading of around 1500 titles in Arabic, English, and French.

Interactive stories, with the ability to record audio.

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$79.98 $39.99 Yearly